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In conjunction with My Neighborhood, St. Peter's Church has established a Time Bank for the use of everyone in Ashtabula County.

Use the links below, copied from St. Peter's site, to join and use this great resource for saving money and extending our active and connected community!

Time Banking
Start by  CLICKING HERE to . . .

1) Create an account,
2) log into an existing account or
3) for general information concerning signing up for our Time Bank.

 Other links

  A map of other time banks in the United States
   Information about what a Time Bank is.
   Information about TIME BANKING ASHTABULA – data concerning our site.

Your Reputation is Important . . .

As more people participate in Time Banking, we need your comments about your Time Banking experience. Please leave feedback. That way others who will participate can better decide for themselves about their involvement in Time Banking. This also will help people who post opportunities decide which person would be best suited to help them.