Ashtabula Renewal
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Rebuild America
  Rebuilding Ashtabula, renewing its potential and providing security so the future can open up for everyone living here, is another part of what needs to happen.  

What seems complex is really actually rather simple when you have all the facts.  This is the portal to understanding how your government operates and to the tools which allow you to reassume the role intended for you by our founders.  

Articles about what is happening appear on Ashtabula Times 

City of Ashtabula

Ashtabula County 

Our Goal - Providing the tools which put the people back in control

While far too many Americans have forgotten the facts, or been mislead by appearances, when our founders talked about the government they it was not a select few they had in mind but the people.

Delegating work to a few people who could focus on the problems, providing stability and thrifty solutions is the point of setting up systems which include city councils, county governments, state governments, and the federal government.

What you think of as government today, and specifically here in Ashtabula, the City Council, is the tool we, the people, use to manage and order those things we decide we have determined can best be handled collectively for us.

Check out the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, which word for word report the debate on just these issues, and the Ohio Constitution.

You will discover the tendency of those elected to assume ownership of government, reversing the intended chain of management, is not a recent problem.

In every instance we can decide not to use the resource held for us by those now elected to office for the City of Ashtabula. We can also change our form of government, a possibility now coming under consideration for all of us in the County of Ashtabula.

We, the people, are intended to be in control, but as things are today, control does not matter if we do not understand everything about what those elected to serve us are doing.

This is your source for understanding the nitty gritty of the work being carried out for us. Here, you get the information and analysis showing you what is really happening. You will know:

If a proposal actually violates our rights.

What the economic impact will be, both short and long term for a proposal.

Who is involved, who has made bids for work, why decisions are being made.

Don't worry, this will be anything but boring, we promise.