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Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  Many people struggle with the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder without realized the problem they are experiencing is due to trauma. Guilt and feelings of inadequacy, caused by the shame they then experience may heighten the severity of the symptoms. Understanding the source is the beginning of alleviating the problem. 

  • There are a wide variety of symptoms. Here are some of the signs you are experiencing PTSD:
  •   Feeling upset by things that remind you of what happened
  •   Having nightmares, vivid memories, or flashbacks of the event that make you feel like it’s happening all over again
  •   Feeling emotionally cut off from others
  •   Feeling numb or losing interest in things you used to care about
  •   Becoming depressed
  •   Thinking that you are always in danger
  •   Feeling anxious, jittery, or irritated
  •   Experiencing a sense of panic that something bad is about to happen
  •   Having difficulty sleeping
  •   Having trouble keeping your mind on one thing
  • Having a hard time relating to and getting along with your spouse, family, or friends

How you may react to these symptoms can disrupt your life. You may:

  •  Frequently avoid places or things that remind you of what happened
  •   Consistent drinking or use of drugs to numb your feelings
  •   Consider harming yourself or others
  •   Start working all the time to occupy your mind
  •   Pull away from other people and become isolated

There are multiple therapies which work to alleviate the symptoms. Find out about these HERE