Ashtabula Renewal
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The PTSD Free Zone Project 
for Ashtabula

     Reasons why Ashtabula must become PTSD Free:

  •                We can't afford to lose productivity to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It has already cost us billions of dollars.  
  •                PTSD destroys families and lives, sucking out joy like a dementor from the Harry Potter series.          

Those are enough reasons.  

In addition, the technologies to alleviate the symptoms have been available for over 30 years.  No member of the military  returning from Vietnam needed to die on the street because of chronic depression.  No family needed to walk on egg shells because of the emotional torment someone they loved, who had returned a very different person, was undergoing.  

Today, we recognize PTSD in people who have endured any kinds of trauma.  Auto accidents, violence at home and from crime, child abuse, dislocation by the loss of homes and jobs, the death of those we love, and more, cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It is the injury you cannot see but which haunts both the sufferer and those who love them.  

Therefore we are declaring war on PTSD with the intention of making this county a PTSD Zone where all of us can participate in the rebuilding of America, rippling out from - Ashtabula.  

Read through the site.  Find out about the technologies, which are approved by the FDA and have been in use, though oddly under reported, for thirty years.  

When you are ready, join us.