Ashtabula Renewal
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Participate in Ashtabula Renewal

Our nation and our community is headed for hard times.  We think it is bad now - but the indicators tell us the bad times are only now appearing as clouds on the horizon.  

Providing for those in need is tough now - but it will only get worse for the foreseeable future.  Individuals and families with members impacted by PTSD now include veterans, those who have lost their homes, many who have been subject to uncertainty and violence for any reason - and many who have been impacted by a court system which has failed us.  

There is much to do, and we need as many as possible to be able to participate with whole minds and abilities.  

PTSD is now recognized as a disability.  But it is a disability which can be alleviated, in most cases, quickly and at relatively little cost.  Individuals treated now can become active partners in rebuilding community, empowering a new economy, and joining with family, friends and neighbors in renewing the vision which is still America.  

A man who lived 2,000 years ago told us to heal.  Here is healing which we can provide.  

Healing those close to us, who are now living through the debilitating and frightening effects of PTSD, is a step toward a different world, one which affirms each of us matters.    In this way, we can, at one time, we can forge stronger bonds within out community, find the strength to move forward, and reawaken hope in ourselves.  

Together, we can change our world.  Join us.    

You can fill the form on the contact page - or come by.  Many hands make light work.  

PTSD is being alleviated in other places.  Check out this link to the Kingston Institute for Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback.