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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy improves lives of vets with Trauma and PTSD.

The Journal of Neurotrauma reports that treatment with hyperbaric oxygen significantly improved the quality of life for veterans with trauma, PTSD, and TBI. This treatment was given to vets nearly three years after their injuries were sustained according to research led by Dr. Paul Harch at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans.

Sixteen veterans who had been injured in Iraq and diagnosed with mild TBI and PTSD were enrolled in the pilot study. They received 40 treatments (60-minutes each) of low-dose hyperbaric oxygen therapy over a 30-day period.
Tests following the treatments showed significant improvements in symptoms: 92% improvement in short-term memory problems; 87% relief from headaches; 93% gain in cognitive difficulties; 75% improvement with sleep issues; and 93% reported relief fro, depression. The vets also showed improvements in anger, mood swings, impulse control, blood flow in the brain, and a reduction in suicidal thoughts. 64% of those were also able to eliminate all their prescription drug intake.  MORE

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