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Manganese Poisoning - Have you been poisoned?

​Below are some of the symptoms of Manganese poisoning.   If you have been living in Ashtabula over the last seven years you have been exposed to Manganese and may have been poisoned.  Ashtabula has the highest levels of Manganese, released into the environment by corporate polluters, than any other county in the United States.  


  Psychiatric disturbances
  Schizophrenic disturbances
  Neurological disturbances
  Parkinson-like symptoms
     While the symptoms are similar treatment for 
     Parkinson's Disease do not work when given to people 
     suffering from Manganese Poisoning. 
                             More on Parkinson's Disease 
  Flu-like symptoms
  Symptoms are also similar to: 
               Lou Gehrig's disease
               Multiple Sclerosis
  Shaking chills

While Manganese Poisoning has been attributed to a number of causes [see causes], in the case of Ashtabula County, it is an incontrovertible fact MILLENNIUM INORGANIC CHEMICALS A CRISTAL CO, located at 2426 MIDDLE ROAD, ASHTABULA, OH 44004-3978, is one of the companies in the area which has been fined for years by the EPA for violating their permits regarding toxic releases. [Letter from the EPA]  

They have been documented lying about these releases and have shown no inclination to change.  This is, therefore, a clear instance of externalizing their costs in the interest of increasing profits instead of adhering to the minimal standards for ensuring public health.  

Facts on Treatment for Manganese Poisoning 

Source:  Wikipedia 

The current mainstay of manganism treatment is levodopa and chelation with EDTA. Both have limited and at best transient efficacy. Replenishing the deficit of dopamine with levodopa has been shown to initially improve extrapyramidal symptoms, but the response to treatment goes down after 2 or 3 years, with worsening condition of the same patients noted even after 10 years since last exposure to manganese.   Enhanced excretion of manganese prompted by chelation therapy brings its blood levels down but the symptoms remain largely unchanged, raising questions about efficacy of this form of treatment.  The current mainstay of manganism treatment is levodopa and chelation with EDTA. 

If you, or your family, are living within five miles of any of the following plants you need to take action to protect your health. 

We will provide you with 
ongoing updates and 
action you can take
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your health and well being.

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