Ashtabula Renewal
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Main Street

​When I first arrived in Ashtabula it was clear Main Street was once the heart of commerce and activity.  The edge developments, Walmart and other commercial developments, lack the sense of home town which is still palpable as you stroll down Main.  As I sat with a group, mostly local, I asked about the buildings and the businesses which had once flourished there.  Few could remember.  

America is losing something precious and it would be wonderful  to see Ashtabula renew this wonderful heritage.   Many people are working on restoring the Main Avenue.  Here are some of them.  

Ashtabula Downtown Development 

Chamber of Commerce

My Neighborhood 

Other towns have examples which could be followed.  For instance, in Santa Barbara, efforts are made to document the passage of buildings from one owner or tenant to the next with photos and stories from those still living who remember.  This page is here in hopes others are moved to participate in renewing memories of Main Street.  I'm also hoping remembering will result in other kinds of renewal as well.  

Contact us with your memories, photos, and dates.  A map will soon be coming!

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