Ashtabula Renewal
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Together, we can solve our problems, renewing ourselves and all in our community.
Ashtabula Renewal

Project of the Wellness & Total Learning Center for Ashtabula

Mission Statement

  Our mission, and goal, is to provide a community-based system to provide effective reduction of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury to all who have been impacted in our local area.

  To accomplish this we will educate the public on the problem, symptoms, and illustrate how existing technologies and therapies, locally available, can be used to accomplish this goal. 


Our goal is to provide, to all within our community, the assistance needed to enable them to live fulfilling lives. Each of us are confronted with problems and problems as we confront the struggles life always brings.

We believe the measure of achievement is not counted in dollars, earned but in the good done. We believe helping others is a way of healing ourselves of trauma which expresses in many other ways. Many injuries are not obvious to those who know us, being carried entirely inward.

This is a journey, there is much to learn from each other.

PTSD and TBI, where they are present, impact all of us in different ways. The impact may be spiritual, emotional psychological, financial, or physical. These injuries often ripple out into our community.

A community is made up of the individuals and families within the community, which, in a multitude of ways, comprising friends, neighbors, churches, business, community groups, and other associations, connect to each other.

The health and well-being of any community is the total of the well-being of its members and so we are, as a community, coming together to provide healing and betterment for those among us who are facing extraordinary individual challenges.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury marginalize many around us. The Ashtabula Renewal for Life Optimization (ARLO), seeks to make everyone in our community more aware of these extraordinary challenges, and so sensitive to those with the conditions, and more able to recognize this condition in themselves, and others.

Each of us is different, bringing enormous variety to the human experience within our community. Some of us find our spiritual strength through the love of Christ, following his Word and loving one another as ourselves. Others find their spiritual direction and strength as Jews, Muslims, or in a multitude of faith ways. All are one, part of our united human experience. All paths to conscience and community call us to a relationship of love and unity,echoing to the farthest edges of our being.

Together, as participants and activists, we seek healing for all, caring for our world. In so doing, we begin in our own community.