Ashtabula Renewal
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       Ashtabula Renewal​ is a network which provides information from local sources along with information on what folks are doing elsewhere on things like local growing, lowering costs, surviving financial problems, and more. 
          Good information, coming at the right time,  helps each of us find prosperity, security, and happiness, all good things.  
           We believe our lives should have more good things, more time for each other, fresh food, heart-warming moments,  and community.  
           If you know about resources not covered here please contact us.  Sharing is a wonderful thing and more sharing and caring are always in order.  
          Our projects are sponsored by the Wellness and Total Learning Center.

Carl Feather
Hilda Jarvis
Luanna Hale
Susan Deak
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Dave Lincoln
People involved in Ashtabula Renewal